Expanded Learning Opportunities

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Online & Distance Learners

Our campus community expands beyond Washington, D.C. While you can find programs at one of our graduate education centers in Arlington or Alexandria, Virginia, you can also study from anywhere, at any time, by enrolling in one of our online programs. Regardless of where you study, you're one of us and an important member of our community. You’ll benefit from access to our campus, the city and our vast alumni network. We also offer several  online short courses.

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Pre-College Students

As a high school student, our pre-college programs allow you to experience academic life in college before you get here, learn more about your area of interest and meet other students from all over the world. If you’re still deciding on college and interested in learning in Washington, D.C., we have programs for you from the arts and business to history, STEM and more. You’ll have all the advantages that bob手机体育下载 students do during the summer through our on-campus or online pre-college courses. 

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Summer Students

Spend your summer at bob手机体育下载 to earn credit and take advantage of new cultures, either in D.C. or around the globe. You can find specific summer programs to enroll in or institutes to attend during the summer months on our campus. Our institutes, ranging from Health Promotion & Disease Prevention in Minority Communities to Japanese Language & Culture, are available to current bob手机体育下载 and visiting students. We also offer short-term study abroad opportunities through our schools and colleges that will take you across the world to immerse yourself in academics and culture.